Information Technology: It Never Gets Old

Information Technology is a very broad subject and for me there is always something new about it. That is why I never get tired reading about any IT related subject. I have learned a lot this semester. Specially from the perspective of others. Some might thing it is unimportant and just a requirement but IT today has  penetrated the mainstream and must be learned in order for us to be more successful.  It ha also broaden my perspective of how important implementing IS to an organization is. Of how much it cost and how effective and efficient it is in eliminating redundant business processing and saving in the long run as long as it is implemented successfully.


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I seem to understand now why more organization are embracing IT and its benefits and how important it is to inform them how to mitigate its risk. Because IT is just a tool, that anyone can use to do good or bad things. We must be informed, ethical, and careful of how we use it. It can make the world a better place if used right. I also realize that a lot of use have a second life in cyberspace thru social media. Which can sometimes affect our personally and professional life and sometimes we are trap in it. But for me working in a computer everyday is very tiring. We should always go back to our nature and our family so enjoy the little things.

That is why Information Technology will never get old. It is ever changing and will always influence us in many way. We can never escape it because we are have embraced it. The only thing we can do is make use it to the fullest.



Social Media: Our Perspective


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Social media have taken the modern world by storm. Most people can’t leave without it. It has cause a lot of change in our time. It enables us to reach each other and share our passion. But it has also cause destroy other if used incorrectly.  Now I will show you an interview about the perspective of me and my friends in using social media. Enjoy watching!


Argh I’m a Pirate

Software piracy is the illegal copying, distribution or use of software.While it is a norm in the Philippines that pirated copy is tolerated, in other country’s particularly the west is very strict about it and can lead you to be jailed for years. So why do software piracy persist in the Philippines? One of the major reason is because the government does not care, even if there are laws it is not strongly enforce. And of course because Filipino are opportunistic and economical in nature. Why buy a copy of MS word if it is free? Only someone stupid would actually buy it if you can obtain it for free, right? With this attitude and because of the government tolerates it piracy has flourish here.

But is it worth it to buy something that you can get for free? Well that depends on you, in my perspective if you use it everyday, yes you need to buy it. You don’t only get the software but also the support and the update for it in the future. It also helps a lot to the company that made software because it takes a lot of hard work, passion and money to make a software. Thus, it provides them an incentive to create more great application that can make your life easier. The other side of the argument is trying it out specially for games that don’t have demos just download it and if you like it buy it, just don’t distribute it with your friends and delete it afterwards.


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But as law abiding citizen what can we do about it? The government does not really care about it, there are no incentives for them to enforce it and most of the government agencies and employees that I know used pirated software because they are free. The government will only act if major players in the software industry will issue an ultimatum (e.g. trade embargo of software for countries with high piracy rate),pressure from the western countries or they are humiliated from the world because of their lack of action in this matter.

Let’s end by breaking into two perspective, for the pessimist; with this disease these rampant we can only hope for a miracle. But for the optimist, doing the right thing starts with one self, others will realize that software piracy is a crime and a lot of jobs are lost because of it. By changing oneself we can be role model that will influence others to do the right thing too. It will spread like wildfire in everyone’s heart and make the world a better place.



KMS: Ensuring the Organization’s Future

Knowledge Management System (KMS) is the process of capturing, compiling, distributing and sharing of  knowledge to improve productivity and innovation of the organization. It deals with two kinds of knowledge, the explicit knowledge which are knowledge that can be easily captured and documented (e.g. baking recipes) and tacit knowledge which are knowledge that is instinctive in nature and often develop thru experience or observations.

I am currently affiliated with a business processing outsourcing (BPO) company that offers web developers, systems designers, project managers etc. . Knowledge management in the form of explicit knowledge is of great help in our organization in terms of training new employees as well as handing over projects to other developers through documentations and manuals. Tacit knowledge also exist in our organization, one example of which is the way we code; Most developers have their own unique way of coding, best practices exists but through collaboration on projects, we tend to consolidate the knowledge of everyone in order to find the best and easiest way to code that will be beneficial to everyone. Though we have few setbacks, like we are dependent on our clients own point of view, that bounds us to the things they want and sometimes even to the information they fed. There are times when we can suggest of ways but regardless of how good the suggestion was, at the end of the day it is the client who always wins.

Knowledge indeed is a very powerful tool for an organization but by capturing and sharing knowledge we empower others. Innovation and collaboration is fused to create new knowledge that can either be disruptive which gives an organization an edge by creating new way of doing things or incremental which enhanced the product/services offered by the organization which is considered as one of the best ways in Ensuring the organization’s future.


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As we know there is no perfect knowledge management, one question always comes to mind; How strong is your knowledge management? As for me? We will never know; unless we encounter things that are foreign to us. The way we respond is the product of our own Knowledge Management skills that is molded either thru readings and experiences.

BIT is Power

Business Intelligence is the use of technology and other application to transform data into information which leads to improved decision making. The tools that we use in extracting data is called Business Intelligence Tools. Today, Business Intelligence Tools are common, one example of this is the spreadsheet which lets us import and compile data that is used in creating reports. But many organization are not using this tools to its full potential which in its peak can make work efficient and easier.


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To encourage organization in using Business Intelligence Tools what should you do? First and foremost is to educate organization that Business Intelligence Tools is their to be use as a decision making tool which is a very powerful asset. Second is to inform, educate and encourage employees to use this tools that will make their work easier and efficient. Sure it might take some time and effort to train employees, others may oppose but that outweighs the benefit of using Business Intelligence Tools. For those hard-headed employees you can just give them an ultimatum.


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In summary, resort only to punitive program for hard-header employees and reward program for the rest. Any change in an organization is always hard to implement in the beginning but once Business Intelligence Tools take root in an organization employees will realize how convenient Business Intelligence Tools is.

Online Shopping: General Tips


Because of the internet, online shopping has prosper. Many young and aspiring entrepreneurs has also taken interest in this because of the low start up cost setting up shop online. But also due to this there are many rampant fake products that have been circulated in the market. Most of the victims are common folks that are well inform. That is why many are hesitant in buying online. But today I will give you tips on buying online. Enjoy watching!!!

Wired No More

In today’s society, having an online connection is essential to everyone, not just for work but also for daily activities and leisure times. It allows us to be instantly updated on the latest news and happenings; provides entertainment in times of boredom and make our day to day life much easier. All thanks to wireless network technology.


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Wireless network technology  uses radio waves to connect devices to the internet. It is convenient and inexpensive since it reduces wiring expenses and lets you connect wirelessly. Some examples of which are Wi-Fi, 4G, Bluetooth etc., which open doors for opportunities and new experiences. It made communication and collaboration with others in every part of the world possible and makes us available all the time. It gave birth to other BPO industries, E-commerce, Freelancing and other online services. One of those is the organization I am affiliated with. Having clients worldwide, our organization uses wireless network technology to get in touch with. It also gives us new opportunities to develop applications with the use of wireless network technology. One of this is an incident report application for smartphone users. This app allows the users to create an incident report by clicking the location in the map within the region.  It also features a built in chat which lets you communicate with other users.

But for any organization wireless network technology has become a threat to company secrets. In our case, the system administrator handles all network connections to ensure that no unwanted sites is visited. But as a general advice, the following guidelines must be observe.

  • Only company devices should be connected and any company devices must not be brought outside the workplace.
  • Password must be change periodically and must not be shared with everyone.
  • Block all unnecessary or dangerous website.
  • Only company account should be use.
  • Monitor all employee internet traffic.
  • Always update software and firmware to the latest version

By following this guidelines an organization will be able to utilize these wireless network technology without breaking the bank. Lastly, Technology provides limitless opportunities. Before we are just entice of an idea of having a wireless connection made into reality by dream pursuers as the saying goes “If you can dream it you can achieve it!”